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250g Cricket Powder

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250g of the best 100% cricket powder, extremely nutritious and rich in protein. Contains more calcium than milk and more protein and iron than beef – all in a single serving!

Use with flour in baking or as a protein supplement added to oatmeal porridge, shakes, smoothies, protein balls, pasta, cookies and much more.

Suitable for people with gluten and/or lactose intolerance.

Overwhelming evidence indicates that insects formed an important part of our ancestor’s daily diet. So, yes, if you’re living the paleo lifestyle, you can safely put cricket powder on your shopping list. It’s more paleo than almond & coconut flour and definitely more paleo than bacon (nothing against bacon, we love it too!).

A word of warning: Not suitable for those allergic to shellfish. You can read more here.

Out of stock

100% cricket powder, extremely high in protein and rich in nutrients.

You can use cricket powder in a number of different ways, but the easiest is to treat it just like any other healthy powder you’d mix with your porridge, smoothies, juices, protein balls, energy bars and so on.

Alternatively you can combine it with normal flour (cricket powder is gluten free) for baking or making pasta, noodles, corn chips, or anything else that uses flour.


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